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A wide selection of authentic Asian sauces, marinades, and seasoning mix to use in your cooking that helps you serve a flavorful meal every time.

6.80  inc. VAT
4.20  inc. VAT

Oil & Butter

LKK sesame oil 207ml

4.50  inc. VAT
5.20  inc. VAT

Oyster Sauces

LKK Oyster Sauce

2.60  inc. VAT
4.40  inc. VAT
3.99  inc. VAT

Other sauces

peanut flavour sauce

3.80  inc. VAT

Other sauces

Sweet and sour sauce

3.70  inc. VAT
3.10  inc. VAT

Hoisin Sauces

Hoisin sauce 2.27kg

12.50  inc. VAT

Other Preserved Products

Minced Garlic

5.00  inc. VAT

Other sauces

Chicken Marinade

3.90  inc. VAT